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12 Natural Ways to Reverse the Aging Process-Part 1


After 36 years working with frustrated clients who want to get back the youthful body they once had, I have learnt that there are a number of issues that affect our aging process but also cause our body to gain unwanted weight (aka “muffin top syndrome”).  These body changes usually start in our late 30’s and continue from there on. It is devastating to see our bodies change when we have not changed our lifestyles per se.


Now there are lots of books, diets  and programs out there that focus on 1 or 2 subjects that cause these two frustrating issues to happen to our bodies, but I have never seen a book or program that really covers all the issues that cause aging and the mid section weight gain that goes with it.


Four years ago, I set out to change all that for people. I actually never had a clue it would take me so long to put everything together. I wanted to create a transformational program that was super easy to follow and totally made over my clients bodies. Well, I can now say that after 4 years of painstaking work I believe I have created  a course with materials that will finally answer all your questions about how to get (and keep) your body  youthful, slim and truly healthy for the rest of your life-with simple, easy, lifestyle changes


I just finished creating a video to go through the answers with you but I thought I would let you know what I’ll be sharing in advance.

There are actually 12 different issues that cause our bodies to age and gain weight. For many of us, it could be tweaking just 1 or 2 areas where for others it could be a few more.

Here they are in random order:

The 12 Natural Ways to Reverse the Aging Process 

1)     Maintaining a properly working  digestive system

2)     Getting our liver healthy

3)     Creating the right balance of gut bacteria

4)     Balancing our blood sugars

5)     Stress hormones are under control

6)     Our sex hormones are in the right balance

7)     Exercise? Just enough and the right kind (it’s a lot less than most people think)

8)     Diminishing the big killer- chronic inflammation

9)     Learning how to self care

10) Calories in vs. calories out (this is actually a very small part)

11)Creating the proper balance of acidity vs. alkalinity

12) Getting our thyroid to work properly.

I hope you enjoy the video I have created. I’ll send out this FREE education video in a few days. Please feel free to share it with others you care about.


Yours in excellent  health,



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