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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Crowd pleasing Papaya Avocado Salad

  This delicious and unusual papaya avocado salad is the perfect accompaniment for a special dinner, anytime of the year. It pares especially well with turkey, ham, chicken and white fish as a protein dish and serves from 6-8 people. … FIND OUT MORE

21st April 2014 No Comments

How to make great tasting meals

  One of the best ways to cook healthy great tasting meals is to experiment and discover what flavors and spices personally excite your taste buds. Many people think healthy cooking has to be bland. This could not be further … FIND OUT MORE

16th April 2014 No Comments

Five Ways to find Dr. Right

    When it comes to finding Dr. Right, there are a lot of factors that play into the patient physician relationship. Before divulging your deepest pains to your physician, you need to ensure that your vulnerability will be met … FIND OUT MORE

16th April 2014 No Comments

Spring detox-awaken your body, mind and spirit

  Spring is finally here and I have created a special spring detox for all my readers.! A few weeks ago, I couldn’t stand the cold and wet anymore so my husband and I took off to enjoy 2 sunny … FIND OUT MORE

6th April 2014 No Comments

Spicy Spring Veggie Stew-A delicious way to renew and detoxify your body!

  Spicy veggie stew is a perfectly delicious way to aid your bodies digestion and detoxification systems. This vegan and gluten free stew has many of the spices that aid the liver and detoxify our bodies, especially in those early … FIND OUT MORE

5th April 2014 No Comments