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5 Delicious New Winter Recipes

I thought I would gift you with 5 special Winter recipes to keep you warm this month!

I love this time of the year as so many people set the intention to eat well, exercise and generally  look after themselves better but sadly, over the last 38 years as a personal trainer and Health & Lifestyle coach, I  have seen most people fall back to their original habits within 3 weeks.
Ever wonder why that happens by the end of January? It actually takes 12-15 months to create healthy lifestyle changes that are just part of us and we don’t need to even think about!

When it comes to eating balanced, healthy meals & committing to a lifestyle of positive exercise,  I think there are four main reasons that you might not stick with it: Kale salad mixed

  1. Food: You focus too much on losing weight and the food you need to remove  (deprivation) instead of all the wonderful delicious foods you get to add in to your eating plan to gain great health
  2. You haven’t been taught how to make food that is good for you taste so delicious that you actually crave it
  3. Exercise-you haven’t found exercise to be fun so you quit almost as soon as you get started
  4. Nobody has created a program for you that is time efficient and that you look forward to doing!

The first reason requires a change of thinking and your own very personal reasons of why you want to eat healthier or change your weight. (Notice I didn’t say “lose your weight” because when we “lose” something we subconsciously want to find it again.). When it comes to healthy eating &/or losing weight, you need to focus on all the awesome great food you get to eat and, naturally, you will begin to desire the foods that are not doing your body good.
The second reason also has a pretty easy  and what you will find in my Ageless Body Cookbook, as part of my upcoming 2016 New Year, New You Makeover  program. You just need to learn how to shop for and prepare wonderful food that is easy to make and you look forward to eating.

To get you started Here are a few of my favorite recipes from my Ageless Body cookbook:


1)Asian Lettuce Wraps

2) Killer Caesar Salad

3) West Coast Clam Chowder

4) Mediterranean Crock Pot Stew

5)Tangy Broccoli Salad


The 3rd and 4th are easy to solve when you get to get to experiment with a variety of exercise modalities and get to experience videos that show you how simple it is to great a great body in a short amount of time-even from your own home.


I wish you a wonderful, healthy 2016!




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