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Corporate Wellness Programs

Introducing Integrative Health Management Inc.

Health Coaching / Wellness Consulting is a fairly new concept that has gained popularity in recent years. In the last decade, an increasing amount of focus has been directed toward preventative medicine—maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the goal of preventing illness and disease.  To address these issues,LiveWell Consulting has formed a division solely dedicated to creating healthy workplaces-Integrative Health Management Inc.

Integrative Health Management programs make a big difference in the workplace. Employers will notice an increase in both the well being and productivity in their employees who are getting healthy with our customized programs.

Today, job stress-related disability is growing rapidly There has been a rising need for wellness programs to be offered in the workplace. Many companies now offer wellness programs in addition to their employee’s regular health benefits. Integrative Health Management corporate programs develop optimal health and nutrition programs for your employees. Those who are employed by Integrative Health Management are certified professionals who possess extensive knowledge in nutrition, weight management , exercise, degenerative disease prevention and stress reduction.

When beginning a program with a new client, our staff will perform a comprehensive analysis of the client’s current lifestyle and habits. This way he/she fully understands the needs of the client. He/she then will suggest solutions that the client can easily incorporate into his/her life. We will then track the client’s progress and give guidance when needed. Corporate clients will be eligible to receive our newsletter “Living Well”, to keep them abreast of the latest information on health, fitness, stress reduction and professional grooming. Our Integrative Health Management staff are excellent communicators and very approachable. We focus on being  able to connect on a personal level in order to be effective. Integrative Health Management  programs can help employers reach their goals of decreasing absenteeism as well as increasing productivity. Corporate Wellness programs also have been shown to decrease overall healthcare costs.

Contact us about Integrative Health Management Corporate Seminars,  Individual and Group Corporate 30-90 Day “Workplace Wellness” Programs.