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Detox in a glass- a delicious way to start your day

Spring is just around the corner and many people like to detox and renew their bodies just as the earth does the same.

Give your blood a boost and feel refreshed with a glass of goodness! This is a fantastic way to start off your day or create a snack that totally energizes you while filling you with wonderful anti-oxidents with detoxification properties. Most people own a  juicer but rarely take it out of the cupboard. I think this detox recipe will be so easy, that you’ll want to bring it out again this spring. One of our LiveWell Health Coaches, Michelle Mclean has been perfecting this recipe for some time now .  I hope you really enjoy it!! This recipe is for 1 serving but of course you can always double it for a friend!


The DetoxifierDetox sparkling juice


2 apples
1 carrot
½ a beet
½ a stalk of celery
¼ a yellow pepper
¼ a cucumber
Wedge of lemon with rind
Handful of parsley
Slice of ginger (to taste)


Wash all your produce and put through your juicer starting and
ending with one of the apples. Enjoy right away!

Note: It is very beneficial when making fresh juice to use organic produce. You can’t
wash off all those unwanted chemicals and toxins used on regular produce. They are
absorbed through the soil right into the fruits and vegetables.

Thanks for this recipe by Michelle McGeorge, LiveWell Consulting Health & Lifestyle Coach. Michelle McGeorgeYou can check out Michelle on our corporate wellness site

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