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Diana Pineda

Diana PinedaDiana holds a double Bachelor of Arts in Finances and International Relations from the Externado of Colombia University in Bogota, South America.  After living in Texas, USA, she realized that her passions were more focused into helping women achieve their fitness and health goals rather than helping countries to have better understanding of international policies.
Her change became evident when she became certified as a Professional Lifestyle Coach in Weight Management & Nutrition.  “I realized that helping women to be more informed in order to make better decisions about health, food habits and exercise was my passion and now, I do what I love and have a prosperous business by helping women get what they want”

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“Now, as a Health Coach and Business Mentor with LiveWell Consulting, my business grows and thrives.  Having the wealth of experience from the team and powerful mentors, I achieve my goals faster than by myself.”
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~ Diana Pineda

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