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Did you know that you can completely rebuild your body in less than two years?

I am so thrilled!  I have had so many of my readers tell me how excited they are about the information I gave. Also, again I was quite overwhelmed with how many of you took the time to  offer comments and ask me questions on my last video  “The 12 Ways to Naturally Reverse the Aging Process”.

I created this video training to pull together 36 years worth of education, knowledge and research on how to reverse aging and all the frustrating issues that go along with the “rusting” that happens to our bodies over time.

Many of your questions have been around a couple of points: “Is it really possible to reverse the aging process and slow it down after you’ve done some good back peddling on nature?” and “How does someone get the motivation to care for themselves enough to do this”. These are incredibly powerful questions and I believe I can answer them for you.

Question # 1 Answer:

It is a scientific fact — you have the power to completely rebuild your body entirely  in less than 2 years!

Here’s how !

Our bodies are comprised of between 70-100 trillion cells, depending on our size. (Wow, you say, that many?). Here’s how our cells renew:

The cells that create the lining in your gut-daily
Skin cells renew every month
Red Blood cells – 90 days
Entire Blood supply – 3-4 months
Your organs-6 months
A new skeleton – every 12-14 months

Does that mean we get a whole new body-really?

Yes, really. It makes sense then that your body will age or become more youthful with what we feed it and how we treat our “earth suit”. When you feed your body what it needs, move it regularly, keep your digestive system happy and balance your hormones, you are reducing inflammation.

Question #2- This is a very deep one

This actually goes back to our childhood. Many clients I have worked with over the years have a deep feeling that ” I am not worth it”. We are not born like this! For most of us, over our childhood, we have lost a sense of our beauty and worth. This could be through our parental relationships , school relationships or some other out side influence that makes us doubt our worthiness. (Let me tell you that I had my worst experiences between Grade 4 and 7. Girls and boys at that age can be incredibly cruel to each other’s self esteem). I have included a book in my upcoming program that I believe will really help with our deep need for self care.

My wonderful webmaster tells me the page will up tomorrow morning-yeah!

After 4 years of writing and production you can tell I am pretty excited to share this with you.This on-line event  is going to teach you absolutely everything you need to know about transforming your body into its youthful self (yeah, no more “muffin top’ again).

This program is absolutely not a diet. Rather, a very simple lifestyle system for dropping years off your age and pounds off your body. I have an option for those that are just interested in feeling amazing but are already happy with their current weight.

My makeover program is completely based on your bio-individual needs-no one person has exactly the same needs, sensitivities and preferences as another.  We are unique individuals.


For the inaugeral launch of the program I am limiting the number of participants so I can give everyone personal attention. In addition, I have decided to give all the program content as a gift to my initial particpants.

Watch for my email Wednesday! I’ll let you know as soon as the page is published so you can read all about it.

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Yours in health,

Carolyn Hancox Barr, 

LiveWell Consulting /Founder

President, Northridge Health Performance Centre





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