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Five Ways to find Dr. Right



When it comes to finding Dr. Right, there are a lot of factors that play into the patient physician relationship. Before divulging your deepest pains to your physician, you need to ensure that your vulnerability will be met with trust and knowledge.


Here are five ways to find the right doctor without settling for something less than what you need.


1. Date Before You Get Married

Before jumping into a committed relationship, play the field a little first. Just as a person would grab coffee or dinner as a first date instead of a weekend away together, the first doctor’s visit should be under relaxed pretenses. Go to the first visit with a list of questions to ask the doctor to get to know them and their practice.


Don’t worry about appearing picky, but feel free to ask them questions like:

•How are you reachable? By phone? Email? Appointment only?

•How long can be expected before a call or email is returned? Do you return the calls, or do staff members?

•How do you talk to patient’s about their diagnosis?

•What king of treatments do you feel comfortable recommending? Do you ever prescribe herbs, natural remedies or diet changes instead of medication?


Find a couple of doctors to meet, including options from both public and private healthcare like concierge healthcare. After visiting your candidates, narrow it down to the one who had the right balance of chemistry and understanding. And if you don’t feel that any of your choices offers this, then just keep asking for referrals.


2. Check Them Out On The Internet

Google a prospective new doctor, or check them out via Facebook or LinkedIn. There will be a ton of online information about doctors complete with reviews, information on where they went to school, where they did their residency, and whether or not they are board certified.


There are board certification sites that should have necessary information about a doctor’s credentials.


3. Check Out The Family

When it comes to choosing a doctor, you may not the only one establishing a relationship with him or her. In fact, you are actually going to form bonds with the entire practice including nurses and office staff. And just like meeting the in-laws, these members are more important than you might think because their attitudes can drastically affect your conformability at the office.


Even if a practice has a great doctor, grouchy nurses, rude receptionists, or careless and obnoxious assistants or partners can severely dampen the experience and make it frustrating to deal with the clinic.


Additionally, the way a doctor treats the staff reflects his or her true character. While the physician might be on their best behavior with you or other patients, if they treat the staff poorly, then this indicates a lack of respect which could lead to potential problems with the way patients are treated you once the physician lets their guard down.


4. Ask Your Friends

Sometimes you can be unsure about how a first visit really went or just feel like you didn’t have the opportunity to get a good read on the situation. In these instances, it is great to ask friends or family members who might have had a chance to interact with the same doctor. They will be able to offer their insight and opinion from their own personal experience.


5. Go With Your Gut

Sometimes those who look perfect on paper have no chemistry when met in person, and those who look entirely wrong and disorganized can be the perfect fit. Only you know how you feel, so go with your gut.


Following these few tips when searching for a new physician will help lead you to Dr. Right.

Thanks to  Jessica Socheski for sharing her article with me


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