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How to make great tasting meals


One of the best ways to cook healthy great tasting meals is to experiment and discover what flavors and spices personally excite your taste buds.

Many people think healthy cooking has to be bland. This could not be further from the truth! Great tasting meals can be easily made with these spice combinations!

    • Fresh lime, cilantro and red pepper flakes are awesome in Mexican-inspired dishes but can also spice up vegetables and homemade soups. I like to add some red pepper flakes to my Italian sauces too


    • Lemon, olive oil, rosemary and fresh garlic add a for Mediterranean-flavour to fish and chicken


    • Dijon Mustard, olive oil and, sea salt, black pepper and  lemon are fantastic on anything grilled, like fish, lean pork –i.e. tenderloin, chicken or vegetables
    • Cilantro, avocado, and lemon or lime  pureed together, make an awesome dressing for a spring or summer salad or grilled vegetables


    • Cumin, coriander, turmeric, garlic and ginger will add a Middle Eastern flavour to any casserole or stew


    • Curry powder gives a nice Indian flavour to vegetables-especially nice with broccoli, or mix with a light mayo and celery  for a delicious chicken salad



    • Ginger& garlic make  a wonderful flavour base for all meat dishes where you want a slight oriental flavour


    • Oregano, basil, garlic and thyme for Italian-inspired sauces.
    • Wasabi, lemon and ginger is delicious on fish plus  vegetables like asparagus and broccoli.


  • Coconut milk, lemon grass, red pepper flakes and onions for dishes with a Thai flair.

Have fun! Experiment with these different spices.  Once you find the combinations you love the most, keep them stocked in your kitchen to make your favourite . That way you can always make healthy great tasting meals.

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