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Happy New Years 2014

Happy New Year! I hope 2014 is a year of renewal for everyone.

Most of us make New Year’s Goals or Resolutions but have you ever thought of first looking back at the past year in order to move forward in the new year. It can be really helpful to separate this information for yourself in 3 separate lists. This doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy but it is really helpful to get your thoughts on to paper to make a difference in your year to come-2014.

Here are your lists:

#1 What are you proud of/what did you accomplish in 2013? What made you a better person in this last year?

#2 What (or who) did not serve you in 2013 that you do not want to bring forward into 2014? This could be emotions, things you are being responsible for, thoughts, beliefs and/or  toxic relationships that you would like to  LEAVE BEHIND in 2013, and not bring into the new year

#3 How do you want to FEEL and BE  in 2014? A list here would include your  goals, your health and fitness, spirituality goals, where you want to travel, names of people who you want to spend quality time with and/or  get to know better plus  items you would like to purchase to name just a few. The key here is to put beside the item how it will make you FEEL

Keep this list so you can refer to it and add to it during the year. Next New years Day-2015, pull our the list . Just by writing these 3 lists you will be surprised how much progress you will have made. Then have fun recreating the list for 2015.

To your great health and prosperity in the New Year.



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