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How to make your mornings fabulous and feel great



Do you have trouble  peeling yourself out of bed and getting going in the morning? Are you a morning person or are mornings just something to get through? Is your first clear memory of the day right about when you get to the bottom of your first (and maybe second) cup of coffee? Here are some tips to help fire up your body and to make the most of your mornings!


1. Set your alarm to a radio station you enjoy. Leave your alarm clock far enough away from your bedside so that you must get out of bed to turn it off. This also prevents you from slipping back for more ZZZZZZZZZs. Some people I know have 3 alarms set around the room. They are very sound sleepers indeed!

2. Open the cutains and let the natural light in. This helps switch off melatonin production in the body and prepares our brain waves to naturally come out of a Theta state and into a a fully awake Alpha state .  I find that taking a few seconds to look outside helps me to feel grateful for the day.

3. Head into the kitchen and, before you drink your morning java, prepare a tall glass of lukewarm water with about half a lemon squeezed into it. A gentle daily detox that will alkaline your entire body systems – it is quite refreshing even though it is warm! You want to drink it and leave at least 20 minutes between drinking this and eating. This activates the digestive and pancreatic juices.  It also facilitates the movement of the waste collected by the liver overnight to the colon for elimination and starts up the digestive engine to help you get the most out of the food you eat. You’ll learn much more about this in my Ageless Body Total Makeover Program.

4. Get the blood flowing and the body going!  Whatever it is you like to do to stay fit, ZUMBA, Yoga, Brisk walking or a jog, make time for it in the mornings. Your body will metabolise your food for 6 hours follwiing morning exercise. Also,  did you know that exercise opens up the neuro-

pathways in the brain? This , in turn, will help you to react faster and more effectively to all of the challenges that come your way during the day. Trust me, you will feel the difference even just 20 minutes can make and will witness improvements in all areas of your life. Exercise turns your body to being fully “on”.


5. Eat a balanced, wholesome breakfast. For energy to start your day you better give your body what it needs! Make sure you are getting the right amount of macronutrients: good carbohydrates (50%), lean proteins (30%) and essential fats (20%). This will really help you avoid that slump in the middle of your day without the help of caffeine!

In a hurry? Whip up one of LiveWell Consulting’s delicious smoothies in no time.

6. Don’t forget to take your high quality supplements! To ensure you have all of your bases covered, nutritionally speaking, make sure you are taking a high quality , pharmaceutical grade supplement and a pharmaceutical grade Essential Fatty Acids.

Now, go out and have a super day!

To your health,


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