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Ilona Berkoben MD

At an early age, as a young girl I was always rescuing birds and abandoned pets. My favorite play was being a nurse in “my rescue hospital.” As a teenager I decided to study medicine to be able to help the sick and ease the pain of suffering. I graduated with excellence from University of Belgrade School of Medicine and lived my dream life as General Practitioner. Soon I realized that I really could not do a lot besides prescribing medications and ordering different tests. Back then we didn’t study lifestyle interventions, positive psychology, behavior changes, etc. It was daunting to see the consequences of poor lifestyle choices. I saw firsthand the crippling effects of strokes, heart attacks and degenerative diseases. There was a rebellion going on inside of me. My inside voice was screaming: There must to be a better way! We do not have to live and age like this. I wanted to scream aloud to my patients: stop destroying your life and yourself! It lead me to realization there is no a simple pill that will make someone well. There is much more to it.
After seven years as General Practitioner I decided to make changes and studied for four more years at the University of Belgrade School of Medicine specializing in Dermatology. I was searching for meaning, for my life purpose. I relocated to the States and started on a soul searching journey. I found it in a form of coaching and public speaking. Joining Toastmasters International and the LiveWell Consulting Team, my life changed forever. I found my purpose, my calling — and that is to inspire people to make changes, to teach them self-love and self-acceptance. To show others healthy habits and how to prevent diseases. I want to give the gift of hope, that change is possible WHEN you put your mind to it. So can YOU! Please check out my website for some super heatlt resources

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