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Dr. Karen Wolfe


drkarenwolfe_photoWith over 30 years experience as a Wellness Physician, Dr. Karen is also an author, nutrition coach, business mentor and speaker. Her latest co-authored book “Create the Body your Soul Desires”, with Dr. Deb Kearn,  is one of LiveWell Consulting’s favourite resources.

Dr. Karen was born  and received her Medical training in Australia. She  now resides in California with her husband and daughter.

Dr. Karen is thrilled to be one of the Medical partners with LiveWell Consulting.


I was quite the “tomboy”. I loved to explore and get dirty and challenge match the toughness of any boy. I became a competitive swimmer at the age of 11 and I put my heart and soul into training to reach my dream of the Olympic games.

Prosperity Lesson #1

Things don’t’ always turn out as you expect them to!

I made it all the way to the training team for the Olympic games and my shoulders developed bursitis and I had to retire from swimming

Prosperity Lesson # 2

When one door closes another door opens

After retiring from swimming at the age of 17 years , I studied hard and gained acceptance to Sydney University Medical School

Prosperity Lesson # 3

You have to do things you don’t like to work out what you do like (OR A mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it)

Medical school was not congruent with my passion. I took third year off and became a tour guide in Sydney and LOVED it.

Purpose Lesson # 4

When something is not working, do something different

I wanted to stay being a tour guide, but I was not a quitter. I reluctantly went back to medical school and graduated with an MBBS in 1983. I completed internship and residency and quickly found a job I liked as Medical Director of the Australian Government health Service. I started a Masters Degree in Psychology because if my interest in Mind body medicine and gave myself the gift of attending the American Psychological Conference in Anaheim, California in 1990. IT was on this trip to USA that I fell in love and my life was about to change.

Prosperity Lesson #5

The heart has powerful intelligence that might conflict with the rational mind..follow your heart

I fell in love and within six months I moved to the United States without a plan but with an expanded heart. My career was put on hold while I took time to explore where this new adventure was leading. We were married within a year and I became an instant step mom and no license to practice medicine.

Prosperity Lesson #6

Be willing to follow your bliss even if it takes you into the unknown

I did not want to go back into clinical practice so I re awakened my interest in mind body medicine and wellness. I completed my Masters degree and began working as a wellness specialist. Eventually I realized my expanded vision of health and healing could not be contained within a corporate environment so I stepped out into my own wellness Business

Prosperity  Lesson #7

Find a mentor who is doing what you want to do and do what they do!

Being an entrepreneur was new to me and I was blessed to have many wonderful mentor who guided and supported me. I developed a very successful speaking and coaching career and finally found my “tribe” of like minded people who enriched my life and partnered with me. The only problem was, I was traveling to much and I was missing my husband and  daughter. It was at this time that I met Dr Northrup who introduced me to a new model of business –see LiveWell Consulting’s Business Mentoring Program- where I could reach and help more people while building a business form my home

Prosperity Lesson #8

The only way to fail is to give up!

I see people “giving up” just before they hit a success! Prosperity in body, mind and finances requires resilience, patience, personal growth and self responsibility. No one is going to do it for you. Now is the time. In the LiveWell Consulting Business Mentoring Program you will read about t The Prosperity Partners, we create the environment and resources for you to be as successful as you choose to be!