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Renew yourself from the inside out & balance your hormones with my Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty  Mid-Life Makeover Program

A clinically proven 35 day step by step Mid-life Makeover program that gives you the cutting edge scientific research and important  tools to  look and feel  10 plus years younger – and slimmer – than your actual age.

It is a growing scientific fact that in our mid life and beyond most  women (and men) will have blocked weight loss success and , at the same time, lack the vitality we once had . That is until we balance our hormones and restore our youthful body balance.

 This year I invite you to finally  achieve your goals look and feel your absolute best by following my  Mid-Life Makeover program for just 5 short weeks & making the simple, no-diet lifestyle changes.


Join Today & Change Your Life In 5 weeks.

An Internationally Certified Trainer of Personal Trainers/ Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach gives you  the important tools you will need to achieve a body that looks, feels and , in fact, is physically younger.

I know that getting and keeping your body its youthful best is a journey that is full of frustration for many of us.   With so many diets and programs to chose from out there, how do you know who has the knowledge you can trust?

With over 40 years of experience working with thousands of successful clients, I know I can give you the tools you need  to get the healthy body you want. In this Mid-life Makeover program  you will learn exactly how to put your meals together and how to enjoy your life without ever dieting again.  You will come away with the knowledge of how to obtain a cellular,digestive, hormonal and immune system that is nourished, protected and renewed with the latest  scientific research breakthroughs. In addition I’ll teach you how to  incorporate simple, time efficient exercise routines that are enjoyable and FUN-even when you are travelling!

A Message From Carolyn

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my   Ageless  Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life Makeover Program!

No matter what our age, our body can look and feel amazing. Whether you are in your  40’s,60’s  or beyond, my online clinically proven mid-life makeover program  will help you create optimum health, while you lose  excess menopausal weight, especially around your mid section.   Following my proven program will give you a body that will continually look and feel 10- 20 years younger and slimmer than your real age.

The Secrets to maintaining a Youthful Body ( and Great Skin) as we Age

To look and feel youthful , it is important to have healthy cells (all 50-70 trillion of them) , a strong immune and balanced hormonal system plus a smooth working digestive system. I want you to get better as you age and not buy into the belief that we must gain weight and lose energy, fitness & sensuality the older we get. I am 65 years old and I feel better than when I was 30!

From my years of advanced post Bachelor’s Degree education in health, nutrition and fitness , own lifestyle practices, and the success I have achieved coaching my own clients for over 40 years, I have created a motivating and informative 35 day (plus lifestyle bonuses)program to help you find your most healthy, happy & energized self. The program is based on proven simple , delicious menu planning (no calorie counting) / proper cellular nutrition/the right kind and amount of exercise/a healthy digestive system plus a self care plan that you’ll be able to maintain as a lifestyle. All natural – so easy!I will teach you how to balance your hormones which is a big key to permanent weight loss and amazing vitality.

Enjoy 3 delicious meals and 2 satisfying snacks a day. As your personal coach, I will send you detailed grocery lists , menu plans and not 1, but 2 cookbooks. You will learn  how to properly nutritionally supplement your cells plus support your digestive and hormonal systems. You will build your body’s systems so they become their healthiest- turning your body into its youthful, beautiful best!

My Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life  Makeover Program will help you figure out, exactly, what to put within your body as well as what to do to create a fabulous “you” on the outside.

You will feel better than you have in years and you will have a glow from the inside out. Watch your skin clear up – becoming almost translucent, while your mood, energy and sleep improve and weight naturally falls off, starting around your waist.

Why is this?

When we in our teens, twenties and thirties most of us carry any extra fat in our lower body. By reducing our calorie intake and increasing our exercise, it is fairly easy to lose the extra pounds . This all changes as we enter into our fourty somethings and then into  peri and  Menopause (or “Manopause”, as I like to call the masculine counterpart). Your extra weight distributes itself around your middle. Your body starts to hold on to fat like a sponge holds on to water. Reducing your calories and/or adding exercise doesn’t work like it used to.

That is because, in your 40’s and beyond, it is not primarily about reducing calories any more – it’s all about reducing inflammation in your body and balancing your hormones.

My Ageless  Body, AGELESS BEAUTY Mid Life Makeover program will give you the tools to get your bodies youth and vibrancy back. I have created this program to be custom tailored for your specific bio-individual needs.
There are options for slow sustained weight loss/health gain  or faster weight loss  plus complete  food sensitivity/allergy options.

Wow, you will say I, finally feel , in control of your life and it was all so easy!

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. The program I have been using with my private clients for the last 18 years has had 3 totally successful documented University Clinical Trials(see below) and I have had 100’s of successful clients who have broken through weight loss and health barriers to obtain permanent weight loss, flawless skin and breakthrough energy, even total management of Type 2 Diabetes- without calorie counting restrictions.

Read what Carolyn’s  clients are saying:

I feel amazing .

“I  lost 2 dress sizes during the first 6 weeks following your Weight loss Lifestyle Program and feel amazing!”
 Diana Pineda.


The Ageless  Body Makeover Program has really opened my eyes.

“After reading about your mid-life makeover program  I decide to give it a try since going through menopause I have battled excess weight. No matter how much I worked out and how little I ate, the pounds piled on. To deal with this I have been all over the map with different diets. From the weekly meetings to low carb high protein plans, to counting every calorie and to any fad diet. I could always drop a few pounds and then I would get discouraged and gain those back and more. I got few results with what seemed like a lot of effort. And I never felt like I was over eating.”

The Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life Makeover Program has really opened my eyes. I have dropped 21 pounds since beginning your program and continue to lose weight. Basically I have eaten real food every day, three small meals and 2 snacks. I decided to use the Ageless Body Shakes as my replacement for many of my breakfast or lunch choices. I am often not even hungry when it is time for my next meal.

The shopping lists are super useful for my meal planning.

I am convinced that the  pharmaceutical grade cellular nutrition included in the program has helped me  to cut cravings and increase my energy and general well being. I have taken many different supplements over the years as I was trained  nutrition and fitness and worked in the wellness industry. My working out is the same and I am drinking the same healthy amounts of water I always have. But I needed a boost and I believe I have found what I need to succeed with this program. I am forever thankful and I look forward to continuing my journey, I still have thirty pounds to lose. I am still stunned that I have experienced these results so far.

Maryetta CowansMaryetta Cowens, Health and Nutrition Specialist

I have my youth back

“Carolyn’s Mid-Life Makeover program has completely remade my body. Retired as a Commercial Airline pilot, I saw my body aging and gaining weight around my middle. After following Carolyn’s Mid-Life Makeover  program my body is now strong and youthful and I have never felt this much energy.”

_MG_8059~ M.Wood, Retired Air Canada Pilot ~




As a medical doctor I learned a lot

“Carolyn did an excellent job creating her Ageless  Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life Makeover program. It is very educational, even as a Medical expert I learned a lot.  Her cheerful personality will guide you through the program with care and compassion. The recipes are great. I like especially the smoothies. Best smoothly recipes I ever had. The program works!!! This program will reverse those “certain age” changes your body and slow down your entire aging process. I have told her that should be charging far more for her amazing life changing program.Take action now!!!” 

Ilona114_435 #2 fave

Ilona Berkoben MD

IHB Consulting, LLC

Read What Others are Saying

Feel Amazing

“We each lost 17 inches and 2 dress sizes during the first 6 weeks following the Ageless  Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life  Makeover Program and feel amazing!”Kelly T. , Shelly P.,  Participants from the Program

No Longer Taking Medications for Diabetes…

“I started Carolyn’s program as a diabetic with high blood pressure on insulin.  I didn’t have much weight to lose but my doctor recommended me to change my lifestyle habits. I joined Carolyn’s program and within 3 weeks was able to go off my insulin. My doctor is thrilled and I feel great!” Werner M.

Click here to read more Success Stories

If you’re looking for a program that will help you feel better than ever, I encourage you to join. You’ll be glad you did. I look forward to you joining us!

~ Carolyn


The Benefits

Here’s what happened in our 3 University Clinical Trials with over 100 participants. Our participants:

  • Lost up to 35 lbs over 12 weeks
  • Average inches lost around waist-2.5
  • Lost 2 clothes sizes

Read more…

  • Total cholesterol decreased 17-30%
  • LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff) decreased 21-23%
  • 10 point decrease in Systolic Blood Pressure
  • 6 point decrease in Diastolic Blood Pressure
  • Insulin sensitivity increased 12-16%
  • Oxidative Stress (aka Free Radical Damage)decreased 17-35%

What does this mean to you?

  • If weight loss is a goal you will lose up to 15 pounds total after 30 days (phase 1)
  • If your goal is to obtain vibrant health without weight loss (phase 2) will get you there (This is the program many Elite/Olympic Athletes follow daily)
  • You will create your healthiest body while you naturally lose inches and body fat, around your middle first

Read more…   image

  • You will say goodbye to your sugar cravings
  • Your mood and energy will improve throughout the day while you enjoy a deeper sleep at night
  • You will naturally not have cravings, hunger and mood swings because your blood sugar and serotonin levels will be perfectly balanced
  • Your skin will become glowing vibrant and clear as your hard working liver detoxifies
  • Your own personal wellness coach will send you recipe books with detailed grocery lists, what to keep stocked in your kitchen, menu planning,even help you to order at restaurants and enjoy, guilt free entertaining that your guests will enjoy (watch them ask for your recipes).
  • You won’t have to think about anything while you save money on your grocery bill (expect for how good you are looking and feeling as you get into your skinny jeans)
  • With the Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life Makeover Program your meal plans, “metabolic miracle” smoothies & the exact nutritionals your cells need are shipped straight to your door(at no extra charge). All you have to do is open and enjoy!
  • As your blood sugar evens out you will find you are much more happy and focused
  • You will definitely not go hungry. You will enjoy 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday-probably more than you are eating right now, but all in the right balance for your bodies needs
  • Ongoing coaching and support is always available with our private on-line forum
  • You will feel great with time saving workouts that you can do anywhere and get you the RESULTS you want!

The   Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life  Makeover Program includes:

  • 5 weeks of Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life  Makeover curriculum, educating you on optimal nutrition , cellular and immune support, digestive health and hormonal balancing.
  • Home and travel exercise plans with the most important exercises to keep your body its youthful best
  • 2 Cookbooks with shopping lists, menu plans  and recipes that you can personalize towards your tastes and food preference so your know exactly what to eat for a slim and ageless body
  • All delivered to you via videos and hand outs and yours to keep for ever



Your Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Success Toolkit

  • 28 day supply of your multivitamin/anti-oxidents/minerals – All included nutritionals are pharmaceutical grade (the higheststandard  possible) and rated #1 in North America by 3rd party standards and tested by consumer labs.
  • Full months supply – Pharmaceutical grade, mil free Probiotics. For skin that glows, a strong immune system and digestive health. Each serving contains over 10 billion healthy cultures.
  • 9 meals for delicious Smoothies-gluten free, non GMO (This formula is a metabolic miracle for weight loss success. Use these for a perfectly balanced meal for breakfast or when you are on the “fly”
  • In total that is 9 meals, 28 days of complete nutrition and renewal for your cells plus 28 days of probiotics included at no extra charge.
  • *Your entire Success Kit is developed to the highest pharmaceutical standards available today. As part of the Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty program this line of nutritionals accomplishes 2 important jobs-1)total nourishment of your 70-100 trillion cells to keep your bodies building blocks healthy and youthful and 2) renews your cells so you can start reversing their aging process.


*These are major keys to reversing the aging process in your body and skin, preventing degenerative disease while naturally dropping unwanted weight, especially around the mid-section.

Incredible Extra Program Bonuses

  • Ageless Body Workout Videos By Carolyn Hancox Barr, National Trainer of Personal Trainers & Group Exercise Instructors for Canada, Trainer of the Year 2018 Finalist for North America
  • Create The Body Your Soul Desires eBook w/ Audios By Dr. Karen Wolfe and Dr. Deborah Kern
  • Recipes, recipes, recipes books and Menu Planning with no calorie counting or restrictions
  • “Living Well” newsletter on the latest tips looking great and feeling your best
  • Lifetime access to all Ageless Body  bonuses and resources-you can repeat the program as many times as you like
  • Ageless Body “Total Body Health” private  community  forum-share ideas and get ongoing coaching  and support
  • And lots more!

Once you register you can immediately get started:

Upon registration you will receive access to your Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life Makeover site.

You will receive your Getting Started Guide, 2 Videos to get you started, your own personal goal setting sheets, a journal and access to our on-line “Total Body Health” Community. 


Your Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Support Kit will be ordered and shipped from our Lab partner (at no additional fee)

  • Once Week 1 of the Program begins you will be sent all your videos, handouts, tips, journals, shopping lists, menu plans and action items  for the week every Monday morning for 4 weeks. You can plow through this material or go through it at your leisure. You have this program for life!
  • Bonus Week-We have loads of gift bonuses for you and these will be downloaded to your in-basket at the beginning of Week 5.


Let’s get started!

This is the only weight loss and nutrition program you will ever need! You can change your health and your body in 5 weeks, without dieting, so . . .


and get a healthy, slim and ageless body

Your Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Makeover  Overview

Preview Week

  • Overview of entire program plus a scientific understanding of how to keep your body naturally slim and youthful

Week #1

  • Getting Started, Grocery lists, Recipe Menu plans + Understanding the role our food plays for optimal health and beauty
  • Read more…

    Learn why diets don’t work, and how small changes in our daily choices can add up to mega results. You’ll learn how your body responds to certain foods, how to rev up your metabolism We will also cover how to grocery shop, how to construct healthy balanced meals and get rid of cravings-for good.

Week #2

  • Exercise 101, Eating Out, Entertaining and Traveling
  • Read more…

    Learn why moderate exercise is all you need to have a fit body. We will focus on exercise that really gets results in a short period of time. We’ll discuss how to keep with your healthy lifestyle no matter where or what situation you are in, entertain with pizzaz, the best options to choose at restaurants, appie parties, social gatherings & airports.

Week #3

  • Understanding Inflammation & Proper Cell Nutrition for an Ageless Body
  • Read more…

    Proper cellular nutrition with our new scientific age reversing breakthrough Incelligence technology  is the third key to unlocking natural weight loss and balancing your hormones. We’ll cover the causes of degenerative disease, how to prevent and what your cells need for long-term health, weight loss and reversing our aging process (aka-rusting from within).

Week #4

  • Your Digestion-the core of a healthy, hormonally balanced, youthful body and beautiful skin plus…
  • Cutting edge sciencentific  understanding of the Microbiome , the key to healthy weight and happy mood. The Microbiome has an  major influence on your metabolism, mood, hormones and cravings. Learn the keys to keeping your    Microbiome its healthiest.
  • Beautiful Self Care & Keeping Your Ageless Body Lifestyle for Life
  • Read more…

    Learn how to care and nurture yourself. This is so important to reduce the life stressors that cause your body to gain weight by putting certain hormones out of balance. We’ll discuss how to keep your hormones balanced and healthy, no matter what your age.


Your  Ageless Body  Meal Plan

Prep Week

Days 1-28

You’ll eat 3 delicious, healthy meals and 2 snacks per day, including the choice of 1 delicious Ageless Body  smoothie for a quick fat burning meal. You can choose which meal to have your smoothie in (although we do recommend the Smoothie as an amazing way to start your day). You will not calorie count or weigh your food. This is all about you learning to eat to feel great! Tons of fabulous food and recipes to try. Weekly Coaching & Training! Your health coach will be with you to help you maximize your success.



The  Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life Makeover Program includes on-line education & coaching via videos and handouts, workouts you can do anywhere, recipes, education, menu planning, stress management- every tool to help you create the success you deserve.

The  Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid- Life Makeover Program


Register today for just $267


In addition, you’ll also have the opportunity to continue with any of the life changing pharmaceutical grade nutritionals you chose at a discounted wholesale price post-program. I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping get you started on the journey to your slim, healthy, ageless body.

Register me today for $267


  • Who Can Join?

    Anyone in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK, Netherlands, Australia or New Zealand who is 18 or above. Please contact us if you are from other countries in Europe or Asia. (Prices will vary slightly outside of Canada and the US-please email for details)

  • Is the  Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-Life  Makeover Program appropriate for everyone?

    This program is NOT for anyone who wants a crash diet but is looking for a sound clinically proven program to optimize the health of your body.

  • Do I have to stick perfectly to the Ageless body, Ageless Beauty Mid-life  Makeover Program to get these results?

    If you can make these simple healthy lifestyle changes 80% of the time you will create an Ageless and Slim, Healthy, Beautiful body. This is permanent healthy lifestyle changes to create your perfect body size and shape, not a diet

  • Is this program going to be good for my grocery/eating out budget?

    Eating and supplementing your cells the Ageless Body way should actually lower your grocery/eating out budget while you are consuming the very best nutrition you can buy any where in the world today.

  • What is the program’s time commitment?

    About 1-2 hours/week for learning and 30-45 minutes of exercise 3-5 days a week will get you to your goals. You are worth it!

  • Will I feel hungry on the Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Mid-life Makeover Program  ?

    You will absolutely not feel hungry. In fact you may eat more than you are eating now-yeah food!!


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