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Releasing the Old to bring in the New Year

As we enter the final stretch of 2014, you may be sensing a change in your thinking and feelings. Apart from celebrating God’s goodness with our family and friends, December is an important month because it sets the stage for the next year-2015.  The last part of December is a perfect time to reflect on your goals and focus forward into the new year with increased clarity.

Do you feel dragged down by certain people or situations? Take some time this month to consciously create a stronger balance in your life, which means walking away from things that pull your energy down.

The end of the year to release old thought patterns, unforgiveness, fears, relationships, situations and things that no longer serve you. This helps to close off the previous year and prepares you for the brand new one one ahead.

Focus on the positive. Rather than spending time focusing on what isn’t working, pull all of your energy into what is going well and focus on what you want for next year. Use deliberate action toward those goals and you’ll see changes happen quickly. When I am not sure of what I want to create in the new year it helps me  to create 2 columns on a page for myself. The first column on the left is titled “What I don’t Want” and the second column on the right is titled “What I want to create”. I find it easy to write down what I do not want. I read it quickly to myself and then ask “What do I want instead”. The answer will always come to me. I write that in the right hand side of the column and go to the next thing I don’t want.  Once you are done, the key is to focus on the right hand column. Put it up in your office, create a Vision Board to match this and look at the board every day at least 2 or 3 times. This focuses our subconscious on creating what we really do desire in life.

I ask my LiveWell Consultants to create a Vision Board that speaks to their soul and update it as they accomplish their dreams and goals. Very powerful! We are creative beings made in the image and likeness of our Creator!vision board example

In the spirit of the Christmas Season and preparing for the new year and releasing what no longer serves you, here are 10 things to let go of before 2015.

  • Let go of thinking you not where you’re supposed to be in life.

Everything we do in life has led us to where we are at present.

  • Release all “I’m not enough” thought patterns holding you back.

Forgive yourself of not being perfect and get ready to open the gate of possibilities to create a life you really love for yourself.

  • Release the idea that your hurdles and setbacks will be with you for a long time.

We all face these and most setbacks are only temporary. What is important is the lessons and wisdom we learn from them.

  • Let go of the need to understand why you are where you are.

I believe that when we look back in our lives we can often make sense of why certain events and relationships were in our lives for our good.

  • Let go of past hurts and unforgiveness.


Holding onto unforgiveness only hurts you in the long run, it destroys you more than those you may be angry with.

  • Stop asking “WHY” this is happening to you.

This is a biggee! Instead ask the Divine Creator what you can learn from the situation. I’ll bet the answer will come to you in the most amazing ways.

  • Release the need to control life’s outcomes.

Once you have created a list of what you want in life and have created a Vision Board for yourself, let go of how it will all come about. This is part of life’s adventure!

  • Let go of your past mistakes.

We grow from our mistakes, sometimes even more than our successes in life.

  • Release the need to be right.

Instead, in all situations come from a place of care and love for the other person. When you act out of love and are confident in your own choices, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

  • Let go of thinking it’s too late for you.

Whether you are 26 or 86 your dreams are important and they are in your heart for a reason. Follow love and  your heart, and you will be free to create a life you truly desire.


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