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Make a great income in the Wellness and Anti-Aging/Rejuvination  Industry


About LiveWell Consulting

LiveWell Consulting  is network of highly motivated entrepreneurs who inspire others  to design and live a life  they truely love. As an international  team we are dedicated to improving the health of our (and our clients) bodies and wealth in our bank accounts

How do we do this?

LiveWell Consulting has developed proprietory systems that educate, mentor and support our team members and clients who we serve.  We have team members and clients in many countries around the world.

We want great people to join us who have a passion for  optimum health – making the world a better place, physically and financially. Our team members have access to all of our proprietary systems and programs, including in person one on one health and business coaching, group programs and our state of the art on-line wellness  programs. With LiveWell Consulting you can make a part time income to add to your existing career or a very lucrative full time income, depending on your goals.


Our Mission

“Sharing Knowledge-Enriching Lives”

We believe in  optimal health for everyone and a great lifestyle for those who partner with our team.

Those who are accepted onto the LiveWell Consulting Team are into wellness and longevity. They want to learn how to build a business around what they are passionate about.

In some cases our members may already own their own health practice or wellness-fitness business. Others who apply are just wishing to start a business in the wellness and anti-aging industry. In either case, LiveWell Consulting provides in-depth business and health education , personal mentoring and state-of-the-art training to help you achieve your own personal wellness and financial goals.

LiveWell Certified Health Coach

Those accepted onto the LiveWell Consulting Team have the option to become a certified health coach. Our LiveWell Health Coach Academy includes the best of on-line learning with practical, hands on training. We provide you with every tool you need to build a thriving in person and on-line Health Coaching Business.

Our LiveWell Consultants include:

  • Business Professionals , Health Coaches, Medical and Naturopathic physicians, Registered Nurses, Massage therapists, Spa therapists, Estheticians’, Personal Trainers, Group exercise and ZUMBA instructors, Teachers, Chiropractors, Osteopaths , Physio and Athletic Therapists, Yoga, Pilates and Dance Instructors, Image Consultants, Retired individuals looking for a healthy business model, full time parents who are passionate about health and those wishing to run a Wellness Business that truly makes a difference to others.

How a Partnership with LiveWell Consulting Works

With LiveWell Consulting, what we offer you is a profitable, easy to follow, proven business system-one that will allow you to increase your recurring income and leverage yourself through a team.

Many people in the health and wellness industry really are passionate about helping others but they don’t know how to create a truly successful business that will bring them financial independence.

This is where LiveWell Consulting comes in – we have training and turnkey systems that teach you how to create financial independence for yourself in the Wellness and Anti-aging/Rejuvination  Industry. Our job is to help you reach more people with your positive message of optimal wellness. We are in a health and financial crisis today and so many people are looking for long term answers to their health and financial issues.

LiveWell Consulting team members have the privilege of becoming distributors with our lab partner, Usana Health Sciences-the world’s leading nutritional company and orthomolecular lab. With access to the highest quality nutritional and personal care products, our team members create optimum health and longevity for both themselves and their clients.

Partnering with Usana Health Sciences allows you to work and travel to over 19 countries world-wide, sharing the message of optimal health and abundance.

We train you to build the best business that you can based on our proven business and health systems. We are completely invested in your success !

Wondering If the LiveWell Consulting Team Is For You?

Read the Benefits of working with us, and meet some of the LiveWell Consulting Team to see if partnering with us is could be for you.