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Welcome! I’m Carolyn Hancox-Barr.
My goal with this website is  to add more value to your world by giving you the tools you need to create the best health of your life.


I am here to make your life richer!

Before I go on, let’s define the word “richer”. The “richer” I am talking about means nurturing your health and happiness till they are optimum, plus unlocking your potential to create financial abundance and personal growth.

I am part Business strategist, professional Health Coach, Fitness Trainer and kick ass (but gentle) Business Mentor. A born and raised West Coast girl, I have developed two highly successful Wellness Companies.

In 1976 I pioneered the first “Aerobic Classes” in Vancouver B.C. Canada. From there my career moved to teaching Instructor training courses at the College level, then on to the YM/YWCA where I was hired as their Senior Program Director, in charge of 55 staff . From the “Y” I worked in community recreation and fitness as a City Programmer.
My first owned “traditional” business is a 10,000sq foot Fitness/Wellness Centre called Northridge Health Performance Centre. Built from the ground up in 1997, this Fitness Centre has well passed the 10 year mark where 99% of new businesses fail. Today it is a thriving Health Wellness Centre and Spa on Canada’s West Coast.

In 2009 I began feeling that my centre, although highly successful, was not changing the lives of people outside of my city. I decided to open a second business, LiveWell Consulting Inc., to create a higher quality of life, physically, financially and spiritually for people around the globe who wanted “more”-who truly wanted to create an amazing life for themselves plus make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.
I developed my business mentoring program “LiveWell Business School”, for those who want to create long term financial independence for themselves in a health and wellness business and lifestyle.Many of my graduates have gone on to work in Corporate Wellness, others have become Total Body Makeover Specialists or Health Coaches with clients all over the world.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to create a great business. Your body needs to be in top notch health, with energy to burn. Your attitude needs to be that you truly want to use your talents to make the world a better place.

After 35 years of Business success, I am known to deliver cutting edge health and business training, plus personal development to those I choose to Mentor. My LiveWell Consulting team and I care deeply for those we mentor and are committed to get you results while having FUN!


To contact me please email