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How Often Should You Detox?

Over the years my clients have asked me if they should do a detox and if so, how often should you detox, once or twice a year or seasonally? My studies in Applied Clinical Nutrition taught me that there are essentially two types of detoxes: intensive & lifestyle.  An intensive

Best Easter Brunch Recipes

With Easter just around the corner I am putting plans together for a family Easter brunch followed by an outdoor Easter Egg hunt for our grandchildren. Here’s the menu I’m planning. Everything is as healthy as it is delicious & can be found in the Beautiful Breakfasts Cookbook. Easter Brunch

How to Renew Your Body with a Spring Detox

Spring is Here! There are buds and green leaves coming out on the trees and our grass is very ready to mow.  I am having trouble sleeping at night because our resident sea lions and eagles are barking and chirping all night as it is officially “herring season”. It’s the

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