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Easy Pasta Bolognaise

You know, sometimes you just need to have a nice Italian pasta meal, especially during our cold & wet winter months. This special pasta dish-Easy Pasta Bolognaise has triple the protein and is very low in starch and sugar. Most grocery stores are carrying a variety of new kinds of

Comfort soups Recipes

Comfort Soups Recipes

It is colder than we have experienced for years on the West Coast of Canada. Record low temperatures and huge dumps of snow make it the perfect time to create comfort soups recipes.  I find that a bowl of hot soup on a cold day is as nourishing to my

Creating your desired life

Self Worth

Over my career helping thousands of clients become the best versions of themselves, I have noticed, time and again that two little words are what hold many back (myself included) from creating the outcomes that we desire for ourselves. First: these two little words are SELF-WORTH …  Feelings of self-worth

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