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Best Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

In Canada our Thanksgiving celebration seems to come up so quickly and I find that my best Thanksgiving dinner recipes have been those that have a few elements of summer in them. This includes my Thanksgiving table decorations. Some years I have followed the full orange harvest theme, which, don’t

Perfect Apple Pie

I have so many wonderful memories of family times in September while growing up and many of these memories involve trying to make a perfect apple pie. The house I grew up in was over 100 years old with a big back yard filled with different fruit trees and even

Cilantro Lime Slaw

I whipped up a batch of this cilantro lime slaw when I got home from my walk this morning. I wanted a salad for lunch to go with some cold leftover salmon and thought a coleslaw would be a nice change from all the lettuce based salads we have been

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