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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Measuring your Weight Loss

Are you obsessed about weighing yourself? If so, you’re not alone. The majority of us, when beginning a weight loss journey, or trying to keep off weight we have lost tend to become addicted to checking scales The first thing … FIND OUT MORE

22nd March 2013 No Comments

Does Diet Soda make you Fat?

Diet soda makes you fat? True?  I grew up drinking diet sodas and loved that it was calorie-free but no mention that it made us fat! Let’s us the Fridge Ninja? A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical … FIND OUT MORE

13th March 2013 No Comments

Do I need to take supplements?

  The first thing I do every morning after breakfast is take my supplements. So why do I supplement? Since I’m pretty active and eat very nutritionally, I often get asked the same question: “Do you really need to take … FIND OUT MORE

13th March 2013 No Comments

Beautiful Legs

When I was in high school, miniskirts were in style. Graduating from a Catholic uniform school, I was so excited to wear one and quickly learned how to sew.   My mother had beautiful legs but always refused to wear … FIND OUT MORE

12th March 2013 No Comments

How to make your mornings fabulous and feel great

    Do you have trouble  peeling yourself out of bed and getting going in the morning? Are you a morning person or are mornings just something to get through? Is your first clear memory of the day right about … FIND OUT MORE

12th March 2013 No Comments

Live Well Spinach Salad

LiveWell Spinach Salad This Spring why not treat yourself to this yummy, nutritious salad. The combination of natural sweetness combined with tart is what makes this salad so amazing. Serve it to your guests as a lunch dish or dinner … FIND OUT MORE

12th March 2013 No Comments