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Welcome, I’m so delighted to meet you!

I’m Carolyn Hancox Barr the trusted Body & Image Transformation Expert for high-achieving women who are done with being unhappy about how they look & feel.

I help them to get unstuck & completely rebrand themselves, so they finally love who they see in the the mirror  & can confidently face each new day. 

 As someone who has transformed the health &  personal style of thousands of clients, I know what it takes to recreate one’s self.

You see, creating a body you love is an inside-out /outside-in affair and no diet, beauty, style or exercise program alone is going to give you the transformation you seek.

Firstly: Your Self Image

 If your self-image (how you see yourself) is filled with insecurity, fear and feeling “less-than” or undeserving you will:

  • Go on diets to lose the weight but always gain it back.
  • Take up new exercise programs without seeing the results you were looking for.
  • Never love the image of yourself that you see in the mirror.
  • Dress your body to cover it up instead of celebrating it
  • Feel that having a beautifully styled wardrobe is just for others, not for you

You will be convinced that you can never become the beautiful, chic woman you truly want to be and you will prove that to yourself . . . every time.

Secondly: Your bodies building blocks 

Every one of your 50-70 trillion cells completely regenerates every 6-12 months. If they are not getting the specific nourishment they need to reproduce themselves: 

  • You will not be able to lose the weight & keep it off
  • Your energy will be sluggish
  • You will see yourself aging
  • Your skin & hair will lose its youthful luster & elasticity
  • Your immune system will not function at its peak
  • Your body will be filled with inflammation, causing degeneration & disease

Thirdly: Your Internal Balance

If your hormonal & digestive systems are not balanced:

  • You will continually put on weight, especially in your belly
  • Your body will hold on to weight, like a sponge holds on to water
  • You will not be able to release this weight, no matter how many diets you go on

This is the power of elevating your self-image, transforming your cells & balancing your hormones.

As a Body & Image Transformation Expert, helping a woman transform her body,  how she sees herself & how she is perceived by others is my specialty.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients images transform so truly love how they look & feel

I am so excited to get to know & work with you! 

Here’s a little more about me:

Quick Facts

  • I’d rather be:

    On a beach somewhere warm

  • Drink of choice

    Red Wine

  • Guilty pleasure

    Breakfast in bed

  • Listening to

    Phil Collins

  • Enneagram


  • Favourite show

    Drop Dead Diva

  • Take my Money

    Joseph Ribkoff

  • Hobby

    Working Out

  • Favourite Ice cream

    Mint Chocolate Chip

  • Celebrity Crush

    Scott Bakula

  • Weekend Plans

    Sleeping In

the Longer HIstory

I had a mostly happy early childhood, playing with my dolls, dressing up my cats, enjoying the outdoors, and creating some amazing imagination games. Until:

At the age of 7 I was struck with a severe bone disease that landed me in the hospital for 2 months (all summer) with 2 painful shots of newly discovered penicillin in my hip every day. I was told I would lose my left leg, if the new drug did not work but, miraculously, the massive doses of penicillin worked and I was let out of the hospital just in time for school to begin.

Back in school I found myself loving all things music and art but hating P.E. where, with my weak legs, I was always the last picked for sports teams and games. By the time I graduated from elementary school I was chubby, covered in pimples and sprouting a mouth full of braces.

That summer I was invited to go to the Oregon Coast with my best friend’s parents for a week. It was heavenly! Every day we walked miles on the long beach and by the time the holiday ended I had lost 10 pounds and my skin had started to clear up. I kept up the exercise and by the end of that summer my self esteem and confidence were much improved.

High School came and went. At 16 I applied for an exciting opportunity to run a Teen Fashion Council at the city’s largest department store. Competition was fierce but much to my surprise I won the position. I got to write newsletters and run fashion shows which I totally loved. When an opportunity to become a Cosmetician & Fashion Stylist came up a year later, I applied and went on to work in that field for the next 10 years. I loved making women look and feel beautiful so it was a great way to fund my university education.

 After graduating from university I decided to put my love of music and movement together and approached my local community centre to let me teach classes for women. These classes quickly reached 200 women /class and were the first “Aerobic Classes” in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Soon I was asked to teach classes for teens, children’s and seniors. Cooking for weight loss classes & a teen fashion course were the programs to be developed. 

Moving from Community Centres to University, I was asked to Teach Instructor training courses for Canadian Fitness at the local university.

Moving to Northern B.C. brought me to the  YM/YWCA where I was hired as their Senior Program Director  . I loved this job as I was given carte blanche to manage 55 instructors & personal trainer plus develop any new programs that would benefit the members. 

Seeing my work at the “Y”, the City approached me to to work in community recreation and fitness as a City Programmer. 

Another move took me back to my beloved West Coast and once again had to research how I could best serve the community.

By 1997 I felt I had learned enough to build my own fitness and health centre. My dream was to create the most professional and holistic centre with many services available under one roof.

This centre included personal training, cardiac and lung rehab, every type of group exercise class and yoga, a metabolic weight loss clinic, health coaching services, a full Day Spa and eventually a Physiotherapy Clinic. I ran instructor training courses, conferences, women’s retreats and even fashion shows for charity in my health centre and won many awards for our customer service, innovation and programs.

I believe that there are points in all of our lives that point us to our most important work in our lives.

After running my facility for 23 years I knew that the time had come to really focus on what I was uniquely called to do on this earth:

To elevate how we see ourselves & look after the greatest treasure we have been blessed with - our bodies.


I am here to serve you through this blog, programs, online community and my bi-monthly newsletter.