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I just read this latest research on weight loss and thought I would share the whole article from Global News with my readers . . . If you’re trying to lose weight, North American scientists have one tip they say … FIND OUT MORE

7th February 2016 No Comments

Nutrition after your Workout- It’s as Important as the Workout

When working with clients who want to see real results from their workouts most ask me what nutrition they should have  before a workout.  While that is important, it is more important to focus on what we consume after a workout … FIND OUT MORE

21st January 2016 No Comments

5 Delicious New Winter Recipes

I thought I would gift you with 5 special Winter recipes to keep you warm this month! I love this time of the year as so many people set the intention to eat well, exercise and generally  look after themselves … FIND OUT MORE

6th January 2016 No Comments

High protein, low-glycemic diets better at maintaining weight loss

  I just read this excellent new research study regarding long term weight loss maintenance and I thought my readers would find the information helpful. I was excited reading this article as my Ageless Body Makeover Program weight loss menu … FIND OUT MORE

4th November 2015 No Comments

The top 9 foods to reduce inflammation

We have all had inflammation in our bodies, from a bruise to a torn muscle, tendon or ligament. It is this same inflammation, but in a low constant form that we now know causes a myriad of degenerative diseases including … FIND OUT MORE

19th September 2015 No Comments


Breaking news- we are not getting enough fat in our diet today and the best fat for our bodies is Coconut Oil.  I just returned from an International Nutritional Medicine Convention sponsored by my lab partner , USANA Health Sciences.. … FIND OUT MORE

27th August 2015 No Comments

The best way to burn fat

Many personal trainers will tell you that the best way to burn fat is long slow distance cardio, but is that what the most recent research is showing us? Actually, with long slow distance training, muscle fibers adapt to becoming … FIND OUT MORE

29th July 2015 No Comments

What should you eat Before and After a Workout?

One of the biggest questions I get from my clients is “What should I eat before and after my workout to get the most benefit from the workout”? I always base my recommendations on cutting edge science. When I speak … FIND OUT MORE

13th April 2015 No Comments

A special Spring Detox to awaken your body, mind and spirit

Out on the West Coast we have had a pretty mild winter (Sorry to my East Coast friends) but I am still thrilled that spring is officially!  There are buds and green leaves coming out on the trees and our … FIND OUT MORE

25th March 2015 No Comments

Detoxing Chili Chowder-Happy New Year!

Happy 2015 friends!   I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve and is ready to welcome in the wonderful New Year with exciting plans for your best year yet. At this time of the year it … FIND OUT MORE

4th January 2015 No Comments