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LiveWell Certified Professional Lifestyle Coach

Running at the fitness club Prerequisite: This course is only available to LiveWell Consultants who have completed the LiveWell Business School Introduction and Basic Training Modules At LiveWell Consulting we focus on getting your Health Coaching business started even while you are still learning. This course will give you the knowledge to start working with Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition clients( one on one or group), plus clients wishing to slow down the aging process and create optimum health. The course can be completed on your own schedule with the final exam taken on-line. You will be given self marking Daily Journals as a practical component of the certification program. Partnered with our medical lab partner, you will be able to practice as a LiveWell Professional Health Coach in 19 plus countries $149


LiveWell Consulting Certified Health Coach

2 Pre-requisite : The LiveWell Health Coach Program is only available to current LiveWell Consultants who have completed and passed the “Certified Professional Lifestyle Coaching” or Ageless Body on-line program, and is an associate in good standing with our medical lab. Once you have successfully completed the LiveWell Consulting Professional Lifestyle Coach course or Ageless Body program and have worked with a suggested minimum of 4 clients you may wish to expand your practice to work as a private Health Coach or in a Corporate Wellness setting . Your clients will include:

  • Those who wish to age in a healthy manner
  • Clients with metabolic syndrome and other weight management issues,
  • Competitive athletes wishing to enhance their sports performance
  • Those wishing to prevent or manage a degenerative condition or disease.

The LiveWell Health Coach Membership is a one time investment in your business and provides you with

  • All client forms, documents and medical protocols to work with clients from a Clinical Nutrition/Nutritional Medicine and Sports Nutrition perspective
  • Templates for your own on-line nutrition programs
  • E-books and handouts for your clients
  • Power Point seminars and handouts for Corporate and Public settings
  • Marketing documents and posters to advertise your services
  • All materials are continually upgraded



Fitness Knowledge Course

Want to work in the Fitness Industry? This excellent on-line and home study course will expand your knowledge of the body so LiveWell Consultants can expand their knowledge of Health and Wellness into the Fitness Industry. 3 The CFES Fitness Knowledge (Fitness Theory) classroom course, or homestudy version, acts as the prerequisite to all CFES instructor courses and is the first step in becoming a nationally-certified CFES Weight Training Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Aquafit Instructor, Active Aging Instructor or Personal Trainer. Expect this course to provide comprehensive information on how to keep yourself and others safely fit and well. Thousands of students have found the course and resources learner friendly, academically credible, and very practical. You can also enroll in this course for your own personal health and fitness information. Anyone looking to start a career in the fitness industry, the fitness theory course is the first step in national certification; Individuals starting an exercise program wanting correct information, independence and confidence; Health enthusiasts wanting more details regarding exercise and nutrition; Active living professionals in the health and wellness fields; LiveWell Consultants, Teachers, coaches, health and wellness professionals needing practical, learner friendly and academically credible information for students, athletes and program participants. Comprehensive 9th edition CFES Fitness Knowledge Course

    • Student Resource Manual
    • Student Program Work Booklet and Study Guide
    • Open Book Exam
    •  CFES recognized Record of Course Completion

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My Private Stylist

Your Image – how you look and portray yourself- can say so many things about you to yourself and others. This comprehensive course will give you all the tools to look your best.   235 x 235 banner 3 copy $149

Professional Image for Men

5 As a man, how you dress impacts both your personal and professional life more than you realize. This comprehensive course will give you the know how to dress for success. $149