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Exercise and Anti-aging

Is one of your fitness goals to slow down how your body is aging?

 Exercise and Anti-Aging. At the recent Idea Personal Training Summit held in Seattle, one of the lectures talked about what type  of exercise and how much should one exercise if your goal is to slow down the aging process. Whatever your age, I thought my readers would be interested to know what  expert , Pete McCall had to share with the personal trainers.

  • Pete suggested that you have a no more than 3 high intensity workouts a week. High intensity workouts means exercise that “thrash “ your immune system. Strength training or cardio interval training that would take your heart rate above 80% of your maximal heart rate would be considered to be high intensity.
  • ZUMBA and Hoola Hooping are fantastic classes as they keep our hips and other joints loose which prevents stiffening as we age. To find the closest ZUMBA classes to you, simply go to and click on “Find a Location”. If you live in Nanaimo, my Fitness Centre,  has a huge choice of classes on the schedule. ZUMBA Gold is a great place to start and then you can progress to regular ZUMBA which are a bit faster. No matter what, you will be guaranteed to have FUN (another element that keeps us young) once you catch on to the moves. It’s a party class!
  • Exercise makes you smarter and preserves brain function. Most people don’t go to the gym to workout their brain but the extra oxygen you take in keeps your brain smart.
  • Cross train to keep your body balanced and injuries at a minimum. A cross training exercise schedule alternates different kinds of exercises throughout the week to work your body (and brain) in different ways. In my Ageless Body TM Makeover Program I give you a number of different exercise schedule options, including exercise routines you can do at home. Our summer session has started but you can put yourself on the waiting list for the next on-line class if you like. The main thing here is to not over stress the same body parts 6-7 days a week-mix it up!
  • If you work with a personal trainer on a regular basis or are contemplating working with a personal trainer, here is here is an important  tip: A great personal trainer will not have their clients do the same movement patterns over and over but will change your movement patterns so you become strong , mobile and flexible in all planes of movement.
  • A good strength training routine to slow down the aging process would include heavy weight lifting to load your muscles and bones and stimulate  your muscles contract. Couple this with lighter weights done faster and some plyometrics to stimulate your muscles elasticity. This kind of training gives you the best of both worlds.
  • If you perform Aerobic exercise (ie power walking, running, swimming, biking, cardio classes, ZUMBA, biking etc.) even twice a week your will decrease your risk for dementia by 50% and your risk of Alzheimer’s by a whopping 60%.  Isn’t that amazing?
  • Exercise and Anti-Aging?  Let’s move our bodies!

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