Kind Words

From Fitness and Health Professionals

I have known Carolyn personally and professionally through the fitness industry for 35 years.  Carolyn cares deeply about individuals, motivating and inspiring people to advance physically mentally and spiritually. Her kind, gracious approach has been seen in all she accomplishes - program directing facilities; creating and lovingly instructing an enormous variety of exercise classes; an excellent, natural educator, Carolyn has presented workshops, classroom courses and been invited to speak at many conferences.   

Carolyn has been a CFES Educator since 1991 educating instructors and personal trainers to certification and has served on CFES Advisory Board of Directors since 2011. Her greatest dedication and professional skills rang true for 25 years, as an owner, director and manager of Northridge Health Performance Centre in Nanaimo, BC providing a loving and productive haven for all members and staff. 

Carolyn expanded her knowledge of topics to teach under the wellness banner, counseling and advancing many individuals on nutrition, stress management, personal confidence, exercise plans and a non- stop website service presenting home made healthy recipes for all to enjoy. 

Carolyn is a natural nurturer and her professional and caring contribution for literally thousands of people is her legacy. Thank-you Carolyn for all you have and are continuing to contribute to so many people’s lives. It is with great honour, pleasure, and love I continue to know Carolyn and share in her life.
Maggie Zaitlin
President CFES
Carolyn is always the consummate professional, combining her university education; with her long list Fitness & Image Credentials. Carolyn has taught me lot, and I am very grateful for your coaching and experience in the fitness industry. Not only for her enormous skills, but the way she talks to clients and goes beyond, to really know the people that she works with. I have also worked with other professionals Carolyn has trained and they have been of the highest caliber.
Debra Morrison
Personal Trainer, Pilates, Yoga, Group Exercise Instructor & Olympic Ski Coach
Carolyn is the most inspiring lady you will ever meet and beauty truly, FULLY personified.

If you want a body & image transformation , she is the mentor you need.
Julia Dawson
Bachelor Education, High School Teacher
Working with Carolyn opened a whole new world of possibilities for me as a business woman & personal training studio owner. Her mentorship allowed me to offer more value to my clients through life-changing programs while increasing my business.
Sue Dawson
Personal Training Studio, Jumpstart Outdoor Bootcamp Owner
Working with Carolyn was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in life!
Diego Pineda, M.Sc & Diana Pineda
Owner. Light Edge T.V. & ZUMBA Instructor and Professional Certified Health Coach
I have known Carolyn professionally since 2007 in my role as a university professor in the Sport, Health, and Physical Education department at Vancouver Island University. Each year, I select a handful of successful, organized, and enthusiastic leaders in the community to tour my class through their facility and give a lecture on their business operations for my Administration course in Physical Activity. Carolyn has managed to, not only survive over 20 years in this tough industry as owner, operator, and fitness professional, but done it very successfully. Carolyn is such a hard worker who has been very creative and adaptive in the fitness/wellness industry as times changed, As a class leader, she is very enthusiastic and motivational. As an owner/operator, she is very inspirational to my students who see the end product of hard work and good organizational skills. Her facility is well-maintained with many classes and services. Well done, Carolyn!
Eiko Eby
Professor, Physical Education, Vancouver Island University

Read what Carolyn’s Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty clients are saying:

“I lost 2 dress sizes during the first 6 weeks following your Ageless Body Program and feel amazing!”

This program is full of life changing scienced based information, tools & support. The lifestyle made huge changes for my body in a very short time.
Diana Pineda
Online Business Specialist

“The Ageless Body, Ageless Beauty Program has really opened my eyes.”

“After reading about the Ageless Body Program I decide to give it a try since going through menopause I have battled excess weight. No matter how much I worked out and how little I ate, the pounds piled on. To deal with this I have been all over the map with different diets. From the weekly meetings to low carb high protein plans, to counting every calorie and to any fad diet. I could always drop a few pounds and then I would get discouraged and gain those back and more. I got few results with what seemed like a lot of effort. And I never felt like I was over eating. The Ageless Body Program has really opened my eyes. I have dropped 21 pounds since beginning your program and continue to lose weight.
Maryetta Cowens
Health and Nutrition Specialist

“Carolyn’s Ageless Body Program program has completely remade my body.”

Retired as a Commercial Airline pilot, I saw my body aging and gaining weight around my middle. After following Carolyn’s Ageless Body program my body is now strong and youthful and I have never felt this much energy.
Michael Wood
Retired Air Canada Pilot
Ilona114_435 #2 fave

“As a medical doctor I learned a lot”

“Carolyn did an excellent job creating her Ageless Body , program. It is very educational, even as a Medical expert I learned a lot.  Her cheerful personality will guide you through the program with care and compassion. The recipes are great. I like especially the smoothies. Best smoothly recipes I ever had. The program works!!! This program will reverse those “certain age” changes your body and slow down your entire aging process. I have told her that should be charging far more for her amazing life changing program. Take action now!!!” 
IHB Consulting, LLC

From Carolyn’s Clients